Denim is a timeless fashion staple that every teen needs in their wardrobe. From the classic denim jeans to the versatile denim jacket, denim pieces can dress anything down and make any outfit look stylish. Denim is an incredibly durable fabric that can last for years, making it a great investment for any teen looking to build their wardrobe. Denim jeans come in a variety of styles to flatter everyone and every occasion. From bootcut to skinny, boyfriend to slim, there is a style out there for everyone. 

Denim Style Tips

Do not wear overly distressed jeans – ripped jeans should be minimal and subtle.

Avoid pairing denim with denim – if you are wearing jeans, opt for a different top material such as chambray or corduroy.

Avoid wearing denim with bright, neon colors or patterns, as this can appear too juvenile for a teen girl.